Hi, I’m Amanda Beau, wife to Scott and mommy to two adorable and rambunctious blue eyed toddlers, Jack (almost 4) and Lily (2).

We live in Sea Cliff which is a little beach town on Long Island. Scott and I met on Valentine’s Day and for me it was love at first sight (his story is a bit different). Scott is a TAD bit older than I am so I had to talk him into taking me out on a date. Eventually he realized I was an old soul and gave in.

In 2012, we got engaged and moved in together, 2 months later married and 10 months later I gave birth to our first baby love, Jack. That’s when I feel my life truly began. I don’t really remember life before Jack. At his one year birthday I found out I was pregnant again with our sweet little Lily.

Life has been absolutely insane with two toddlers twenty months apart but awesome. I wouldn’t have it any other way and couldn’t be any happier with our little family we have made. My favorite thing in the world is to spend time with my family. My sister, Missy, just had a baby in October and we are all in love with Baby Georgia.

I have a sick obsession with baby clothes. I wanted to start a blog to not only document my journey through the tough and exhausting toddler years but also give mommy’s ideas of where to shop and fun activities.

I hope you enjoy following!

My hubs, Scott, Jack, Lil and I at The Cloisters in Sea Island, Georgia
The fan: my younger brother, John Paul, his girlfriend Diane (who is like a sister, my husband, Jack, my father Paul, mother Denise, sister Missy and husband Alex. (Baby Georgia was still in the oven in this pic.)