Weekday Activities + Weekends In the 11579

Thursday is my favorite weekday hands down. It’s jammed with activities and by the time we get home it’s bath + mommy wine time. We start the mornings with Jack and Lily’s art class.  They go to Not Just Art in Oyster Bay which is one of the cutest places I could ever imagine. If you have a child between the ages of twenty months to ten years old I HIGHLY recommend signing them up for a class there.  Jack does a drop-off class for two hours, he loves it and looks forward to it every week. Lily started her class at twenty months and absolutely loves it. The projects they come up with there really blow me away. They let the kids be kids – to play, create, discover and just be themselves.

They even allow bottles in art class ha
Lily painting
A cute project
So excited to be at Not Just Art
Jack just discovering he can snap his fingers
From art class we go to Mario’s in Oyster Bay for some delicious pizza or to Taby’s for the best Greek salad EVER. After lunch it’s off to swimming lessons at Long Island Swim School in Syosset. The two of them are luckily little fishes and love swimming. They also love the fact that I let them pick out a candy at the vending machine afterwards.


If you know me you know I am obsessed with my town. Sea Cliff is probably the most adorable place for children to grow up. I grew up in a town (Manhasset) with a totally different vibe. Everyone I have met in Sea Cliff have been nothing but nice and friendly.  There’s also definitely a baby boom going on here. I know more three year olds than people my age.

On Saturday we all met up outside because it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL out. All of my friends have kids in the same age group so it’s kinda perfect. We took a long walk and the kids went on their scooters.  At the end of the day we decided to meet at Garvies Point Brewery sans kids. It’s a cool place and has good beer but I wish that I had brought a pair of sunglasses because it was SO FREAKING BRIGHT!!!

11579 toddler crew
Lily’s first time scooting, lasted 5 seconds.
Sea Cliff scooter gang.
Todd, Ellie + Hugh
Beer flight at Garvies Point Brewery
So bright.
Once I was finished with my flight of beers (so full) Scott and I met up with my mom, dad, brother, and our family/friends the Lewis’s at our favorite Sea Cliff restaurant, Still Partners. If you want really good food and amazing live music, this is the spot! Beers turned into fireball shots and we raged (or at least I did) but it was worth it, there was an amazing band playing and we don’t often get to go out and go crazy. I literally turn into Frank the Tank when I start drinking. When Scott starts calling me Frank I know it’s time to go home.

The “Lewfret’s”
Paul’s face.
Wedding diet: BBQ pulled pork stuffed baked potato
Things got very blurry towards the end.
We had so much fun but there is seriously nothing worse than a hangover with two toddlers, NOTHING!!! This is what happened on Sunday and to make it worse, we had to take Jack to his first lacrosse practice bright and early Sunday morning at The Hub, which I was extremely impressed with. This place is serious stuff, if you’re into lacrosse definitely look into this clinic.  All in all it was an awesome weekend, minus the hangover on Sunday.


One thought on “Weekday Activities + Weekends In the 11579

  1. You are amazing. I had a hangover on Sunday and made such a big deal about being woken up at 8 AM by my phone ringing, let alone 2 toddlers! I love love love this blog by the way!


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