Winter Weekends

I didn’t always hate the winter but having two toddlers has made me completely understand the hate. I love the fall and I love Christmas time but on December 26th I officially despise everything about New York until April. I am a warm weather sun worshipping freak. I think about moving down to Palm Beach almost daily and turning into Magda.

My Spirit Animal.
Finding activities for a two and three year old on a cold January weekend can be rough. There’s just so many times you can go to a bouncy/trampoline park. It’s barely even the middle of the winter and Jack is already O-V-E-R Bounce, our once go to place to get his insane amount of energy out.

The past weekend we decided to try bowling with the kids. My husband was apparently once an avid bowler (he owns a bowling ball AND bowling shoes) and I love to drink beer, so why not? We took Jack, Lily and Jack’s future wife, Shelly, to Syosset Bowling Alley and it was awesome! I highly recommend it for any one over the age of three. It’s all glow in the dark and they have a plastic glow in the dark dinosaur ramp for the kids to push their ball off of.  The food was delish and the atmosphere is fun. There is also an arcade for the kids to play in after. Jack and Shelly loved it, Lily was still a little too young to get it but she tried. 

Lily in bowling shoes.
Syosset Bowling Alley
Shelly, Jack + Lily bowling
Scott polishing his ball, that he owns, in his bowling shoes, that he owns.
Literally impossible to get three toddlers to focus on a picture.
Sunday was a super lazy day. We met with Gigi and Paul for breakfast at Roslyn Deli. Lily ate nothing, Jack ate pizza for breakfast and I ate two bagels, it was a healthy start to the day. The kids were in their pajamas (favorite pajamas are Roberta Roller Rabbit) for most of the day lounging around and playing. Wine started at 4pm, ok maybe 3, while “we” (Scott) cooked chicken and steak fajitas.  The family came over to eat and watch the football game… I may hate the winter but I really love family Sunday dinners in the winter. 

2 thoughts on “Winter Weekends

  1. I am so with you on all counts. Love to join you if you go bowling again (Chris thinks he’s the king pin) and there is one activity I’d like to add….come visit us!!!


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