Our Christmas Season

Having toddlers makes the holidays so much more fun. I feel like we met Santa Clause about 65 times in the month of December and every time it was like they had never seen him before. Nothing is cuter than Lily screaming “Thanta!!” (Santa) in her squeaky high pitched little voice of hers. Last year she was deathly afraid of Santa but she has come around to love him.

There’s almost too much to do when you have toddlers during the holidays. Every weekend was jam packed with fun activities. We loved going to the Millridge Inn, they had an adorable little village all decorated for Christmas. They have Santa Clause, Christmas cookie making, ginger bread house making, a bouncy house and cute shops.

It was the first time the two of them really enjoyed Christmas and were aware of the fun things that come along with the season. They loved decorating our tree, Scott and I let Jack + Lil start it themselves. Jack made us go int0 another room, so we went into the playroom where we can still see them, when they were done Jack yelled for us to come in. We walked in and he yelled “SURPRISE!!”.. every single ornament he had was on 1 branch of the tree. It was too funny.

One of the best things for a mom during the Christmas season is the bribery that goes along with it. Every single time Jack doesn’t listen or does something he isn’t supposed to do, all I have to say is “SANTA IS WATCHING YOU” (so creepy by the way) and Jack turns into a little angel.  We tried the Elf on the Shelf but Jack despised the thing, maybe because he thought it was weird that there was a little elf following him around who looked exactly like him.

Jack’s awesome Christmas decorating skills
Christmas cookie decorating at The Millridge Inn
Love these warm Patagonia fleece vests and fuzzy crocs
With their “Baby Georgia” for Breakfast with Santa. Georgia and Lily’s dressed are from Brother and Sissy – Jack’s bow tie is Bella Bliss and jumper is Best Dressed Child
Christmas Eve outfits – Jack’s monogrammed jumper (that I screwed up) is from The Beaufort Bonnet Company and Lily’s dress (with tabs for every holiday!) is from Pixie Lily
Jack & his new ride on Christmas morning in Hannah Anderson pajamas
Family Christmas photo shoot. Katie Marie Warch took these photos, she’s our go to photographer. Jack and Lily are both in  jumpers by The Beaufort Bonnet Company as well as Lily’s bonnet and Jack’s hat.
Paul, Gigi, Jack , Lil and 1 month old Baby Georgia
My brother John Paul with Jack and Scott

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